Step in Sicily offers its guests the following free transport service, from our meeting point of Viagrande (CT) in Piazza G. Matteotti (for more info on links see the page Transportation).

If a shuttle service (return) is requested from your ETNA destination accommodation, a flat-rate fee is calculated using the following formula:

From/to Catania: €10,00 each for min. 3 people | 2 people: €15,00 each.
From / to Airport: € 15.00 each for min. 3 people | 2 people: € 20.00 each
From / to Taormina and surrounding areas: € 20.00 each for min. 3 people | 2 people: € 25.00 each
From / to Syracuse: € 25.00 each for min. 3 people | 2 people: € 30.00 each
If a shuttle service is requested (return) from your accommodation for OTHER DESTINATIONS, a flat-rate kilometer reimbursement is calculated to be agreed with the Guide.

The transport is functional exclusively to the conduct of the tours, so we mean that the service is offered exclusively to members of our association, and no other types of transfers are made that are not connected to our recreational activities.




For those who desire personalized VIP service, we are able to easily arrange for most of our tours. can be made, by reservation, in VIP formula with guide and private vehicle.

Normally our tours take place in small groups with a guaranteed high quality of service. Guests can request the customization of the tours and the flexibility of time, provided that the change does not involve the employment of two shifts or the timing foreseen for the specific activity requested.

The VIP formula, being engaged a means and a guide regardless of the number of participants, provides a quote “empty for full” taking into account the full shares. Discounts are not applicable and children pay full adult fees in this case.


Step in Sicily è una associazione culturale affiliata alla FederEscursionismo Sicilia e alla Federazione Italiana Escursionismo