Some FAQs about excursions

Why choose a Step in Sicily nature guide?

Because we at Step in Sicily carry out our tour activities for the great passion and love we have for our beautiful island home of Sicily. This means that for us every guest is a friend of ours to whom we want to share the beauty and charm of our land. As your hosts, we wish to bring all the traditions, culture and beauty of our land to life for all our guests. We want to make it feel like home.

Are excursions available year round?

Yes, the wide range of tours available makes it possible to tailor tours based on different seasons or weather conditions. Step in Sicily will take care of keeping its members and guests up-to-date and eventually agreeing together valid alternatives.

What happens in case of inclement weather?

As part of the tour planning, Step in Sicily is responsible for checking the weather forecast so as to be able to evaluate the possibility of changing destination, and will provide useful pre-tour advice regarding clothing and possible accessories to be worn (eg rain gear, etc…).

Are tours suitable for everyone?

Tour suitability depends on the tour you wish to take. As part of the pre-tour organization phase, we will contact our members and guests in order to provide all the relevant information regarding the desired tour. At this time, we will evaluate together whether the desired experience is suitable to the level and / or needs of the participants.

I have physical limitations, can I participate in the tour?

The tours, depending on the type, are generally suitable for people in a state of good physical condition, who do not suffer from particular health concerns – such as cardio vascular, respiratory or hypertension, various allergies, claustrophobia (for access to the lava cave).

Women beyond the third month of pregnancy may not participate in hiking activity.

Note: it is the guest’s responsibility to promptly communicate any precarious health conditions. For scuba diving with artificial respiration, IT IS COMPULSORY to INFORM when booking the last dive.

Does Step in Sicily work with partners such as hotels, who can provide discounted rates to your guests?

Yes, Step in Sicily has a network of partners with whom we can work to help secure accommodation throughout the territory of Catania, Syracuse and Taormina. Please send us an email at: indicating the place and date of your intended stay.

What happens on the day of the tour/excursion?

Upon meeting the Step in Sicily guide at the agreed upon meeting point, each participant will register for the tour, and sign an Informed Consent.

Registration allows for automatic insurance coverage for all tour participants.

How do I book my experience?

You can book a reservation using the BOOK and EXPERIENCE links.

Through our social channels:

Through WhatsApp or Mobile numbers:

  • Saro Trovato (+39) 333 8090792
  • Asia Pioro (+39) 328 4375138
  • Luca Garofalo (+39) 333 2041737

Through mail:

I don’t have a car, how can I go on an excursion?

No worries. We offer a paid transfer service: see Transport page

What clothing should I wear for the Etna excursion?

The elevation of Mt. Etna is 3,300 meters. As such, it is possible to experience considerable temperature range compared to the cities and seaside. Additionally, clothing also varies depending on the season and the type of tour. The following provides a rough guideline by season:

Spring / Summer

  • Cap & gloves
  • Sweatshirt /sweater
  • Windbraker / raincoat
  • Long trouser
  • Socks
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun protection

Autumn / Winter

  • Warm Cap / stocking cap and gloves
  • Wind- and rain-proof winter jacket
  • Long trousers
  • Heavy Socks
  • Trekking boots
  • Sun glasses

What type of shoes should I wear?

For tours around Mount Etna, high-top trekking boots are highly recommended. The sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky lava soil makes the use of trekking shoes for excursions to the summit craters MANDATORY. Those without it, will have the opportunity to rent the boots in tourist resorts.

Good shoes are good for all the other tours.

It is advisable to wear high socks (not footies).

Step in Sicily è una associazione culturale affiliata alla FederEscursionismo Sicilia e alla Federazione Italiana Escursionismo