Regarding participation for Step in Sicily activities

Statement of Informed Consent

Declaration of information and acceptance of the conditions of the naturalistic excursion activity.

The participants confirm that they have been promptly informed about the characteristics of the itinerary and the level of difficulty of the route.

Participants declare:

  1. to have read the program, the duration and the difficulty at the time of booking;
  2. to be able to perform the aforementioned activity physically. Who has particular needs or physical pathologies of any kind is required to notify the guide before the start of the tour;
  3. to have been informed about the difficulties and risks associated with activities in the natural environment and adventure terrain;
  4. to have received from the nature guide that is part of the Cultural Association Step in Sicily, organizer and manager of the activity in question, exhaustive explanations regarding the development of the same;
  5. to have had the opportunity to ask questions and to have received satisfactory answers;
  6. to strictly comply with the indications received and who will not take any independent initiative during the course of the activity, without having previously warned the nature guide, not to leave the group without prior authorization from the guide;
  7. that the information provided by the participants as laid out herein, is correct and true, and based on said participants information provided accept participation in this excursion;
  8. to accept the nature guide’s right to cancel or modify the original itinerary due to safety requirements;
  9. The association will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from failure to comply with these basic rules of common sense.

Information on the processing of personal data dlg.n. 196 \ 2003

The undersigned declare that they have been informed that the personal data collected will be processed exclusively in the context of the procedure for which this declaration is made.

Step in Sicily è una associazione culturale affiliata alla FederEscursionismo Sicilia e alla Federazione Italiana Escursionismo